My services

Business intermediary

The service is aimed at companies looking for new customers as well as those who need to buy new products or outsourced services.

Since December 2018 Olitog is located in the Swiss alps, close to Nothern Italy, Germany and Austria. Having my roots in booth Sweden and Switzerland and regularly travelling in Europe and North America I have two whole continents as my working field. My long experience combined with my never-ending effort making new contacts has given me a huge network, which makes it possible for me to connect suppliers and buyers.

If you´re looking for buyers, you contact me, and I will connect you with potentially customers. I can either convey contact information or arrange a meeting, perhaps when the customer is on a business trip in Switzerland.
If you´re looking for a supplier of a product or service contact me for a discussion about your needs and budget, and I will later return with a suggestion on solution.

New market pilot

This service is aimed at people who want to establish operations on a new geographical market in Sweden or abroad. With my experience of working in different places in Sweden and abroad, I will ensure you have the best preconditions to succeed in the new region.

Olitog can help you to probe the terrain in new markets, build up the necessary contact network, and provide a picture of the development opportunities your company will have there. Even within Sweden, both corporate culture and procedures in the building industry can differ. I will therefore provide you with knowledge about prevailing conditions in the new region you are interested in.

Consultant and client support in conjunction with blasting operations

This service is aimed at people who need blasting done and who want an external expert who will help them to ensure the job is done in the best possible way and at a reasonable cost.

Olitog will help you to make the necessary contacts prior to the work, explain alternative courses of action and ensure you are well prepared prior to contact with authorities and sub-contractors. You will handle all contacts yourself while I will be there ready to discuss any issues and provide support.

During the course of the work, I will be ready to step in if anything happens. With my experience, I am very familiar with both your and the sub-contractors’ needs and can act as a mediator if there should be any problems with communication between you. Because blasting operations can sometimes give rise to controversy, I will be there if needed to help you with contacts with media and the general public.

Please feel free to contact me!

Lisa Klasson

+41 79 271 50 94         PGEgY2xhc3MgPSAibF9tYWlsIGxfbmV3X3dpbmRvdyIgaHJlZj0ibWFpbHRvOmxpc2FAb2xpdG9nLnNlIiB0YXJnZXQ9X2JsYW5rPmxpc2FAb2xpdG9nLnNlPC9hPg==